Health Benefits of Hiking and Trekking- All You Need to Know

Health-related benefits You could get from hiking and trekking is a long list. Simply a stroll in the wood one a while would make a huge impact on your wellbeing. Spending time in nature is filled with lots of bonuses and beyond explaining. In the hiking trail, you will be touch with fresh and clean air and observe nature breathtaking views. Hiking has a calming and healing effect on your soul and mind.

So before writing tips for you, let me tell you my experience. Why I hike and what I get out of every hike. 

  • Hiking makes me calm and relax. Every time I hike a new trail it’s reshaped my mental health and makes me relaxed even more.
  • Hiking helps me to stay in a productive routine.
  • the endless beauty of nature lessen my ego and build my confidence.
  • it teaches me how not to give up on my dream and consistently work on it.
  • It makes me strong, build up more stamina.
  • My back and legs get bolder and stronger in every hike.
  • Hiking boost my intelligent level and decrease depression.
  • It boosts my immune system and makes me good at bed.
  • It improves my vision and makes me fit and happy.
  • and so on….

This is a very short list of health benefits I get from hiking and trekking in the mountain. I hope now you are motivated and want to know more about hiking and trekking heath benefits. 

Sir Edmund Hillary – “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

10health Benefits of Hiking and Trekking.

Intelligence boost from hiking and trekking.

A recent study shows a 50% increase in problem-solving capability immediately after a hike. By avoiding the noisy city and get yourself in nature, You allows yourself for better and clearer thinking. It boosts your confidence level and make you a more productive thinker. After completion of every hike, you feel proud of you and happy that boosts your brain intelligence and makes you smarter.

Hiking makes you Fit.

Do you know How many calories you could burn from only one hour of trekking? It’s about 500 calories. So, You will lose more calories and will increase your fitness level faster. If you follow a healthy diet and hike often It will reshape your body way faster.

Prevent Diabetes and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Hiking and trekking bring down your glucose level. It makes your muscle activity and the glucose circulation system in vitality. Hiking reduces your blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. when you hike, Your body release endorphins, Which makes better your blood sugar and metabolism rates. Nowadays, many people work in a busy schedule and lead very depressing lives. So, Hiking is a really easy and cheap way to do good for your health. Grab a pair of shoes and call your friend and family to take part in a wonderful journey in nature. You will appreciate the view of nature and feel proud to be out with friends and closed one and receive numerous health benefits from nature hiking.

Improves Your Cardio Vascular Health and Prevent Heart disease.

Unless going for a hundred miles cycling or ultra-marathon, Hiking is a fun and easy way to get sustained and powerful cardio workouts. A recent study from the center of disease control reported that only briskly hiking 2 hours per week could improve significantly your cardiovascular health and increase the ability to pump enough blood, oxygen, and nutrients proportionally in the body. 

bukhansan top view
Beverly Sills -“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Improves your core and Loose belly fat.

I was overweight when I first started hike. It’s been over two years I’m hiking and one of the major changes I noticed was my belly has flattened and the appearance of the pack.  Going up to the mountain and getting down from the peak makes your core upright. If you go with a heavy backpack it would even work harder on your abdominal muscles. Even hiking in the backyard of your house, You would be surprised by seeing the new tone your belly.

Source of Vitamin D.

Deficiency of Vitamin D could result in bone disorder and back pain, depression, Impaired wound healing, Hair falling and Muscle soreness. So, If you don’t get enough vitamin D then you should be worried. Without taking and Vitamin # supplements, Hiking and Trekking would provide your daily intake. it is crucial to expose yourself in the daylight. Hiker tends to hike in the very early in the morning and get down in the evening. So, You already know, Morning and Evening is the best to time get vitamin D from the sunlight. 

Hiking will change your life.

It definitely helps a lot. I usually hike in the weekend to clear out my emotional thoughts, do something without being touch with the cellphone. It’s best to hike in the sunsets. There are numerous study shows that hiking in nature will improve productivity, relieve stress and calm down anxiety and depression.

Hiking helps to lose weight.

Hiking is not just improved our core fitness and muscle mass but also During the walk it helps us to lose weight and burn fat. Hiking can burn uptown 500 to 600 calories per hour. That’s a huge number. If you weigh 162lbs and went hiking for 2-3 hours, You would probably burn uptown 1200 calories that are huge numbers. There are some other factors in losing weight, like focusing on a healthy diet. With a healthy diet, and hiking twice a week you will just not lose weight, you will be strong and feel confident. Your mental, physical and emotional health will improve dramatically.

Hiking makes you more creative. 

Hiking isn’t just good for your body and losing weight. It’s one of there greatest activity for your should and mind. Regular hiking can make us smart and creative. In the modern world, we are dependent on electronic devices. our environment is noisy, bleeping and buzzing sounds of some mobile phones and other devices. That makes our mind cluttered and hinder our focus span. Research shows that spending time in nature will boost our ability focus, attention span increase and build problem-solving ability up to 50 percent. 

Hiking and trekking health benefits in summary.

  • Hiking makes you happier and less destructive.
  • Hiking tone your body shape and build up more stamina.
  • Hiking is a great boost to our social lives.
  • Hiking builds muscle as well as overall body fitness.
  • Hiking makes you lose weight faster and burn up belly fat.
  • Hiking helps to circulate blood pressure well and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • It makes you smarter and more creative and helps to heal the body.
  • Hiking helps your mental, physical and emotional health.
  • Hiking helps you to unplug from the electronic devices and noisy city life.
  • It boosts your mood and makes you happier.
  • Improve bone density and osteoarthritis outcomes.
  • It improves the relationship with your family and friends.

I hope you find out enough reason to hike. It’s the best thing you could do for your life. 

Happy hiking.

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