How to Prepare for a Hike – All You Need to Know

I love hiking. After finishing every hike I feel peace and relaxed.My worries melt away. When I go hike I get to explore beautiful places in the forest. Hiking also is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones or friend on a journey through nature. This is a great outdoor activity that anyone can do. 

Hiking for the first time can be intimidating. You would think I’m not in good shape. I don’t have enough stamina or passion for hiking. Perhaps, You don’t like hiking at all. But let me assure you, Hiking is the best thing that you can do for your life and body. It is one of the easiest and relaxing outdoor activities that directly benefit your soul, mind, and body. It will make you smart. 

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“I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

What are the benefits of hiking?

  • Hiking will make you gradually fit and build up stamina.
  • Your mental health will be in peace and calm
  • Psychological health will improve dramatically
  • Its lower stress level, and make you happier
  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Lower your blood pressure and Cholesterol
  • Lower your belly fat and improve bone density.
  • Produce more testosterone that makes you good at bed.
  • it helps your sex health by increasing endurance and stamina.
  • Hiking is good for weight loss. You will sweat more and lose belly fat
  • and so on

Now you see there are tons of benefits of hiking and It’s easy to start but, There some important things you need to do for preparing for a short or long day hike. 

The night before the hike.

If you plan to hike, before embarking hike, make sure to let your parents or closed one know where you are going to hike, with who you will hike and how long it could take. If you become injured or overdue while hiking You will be less likely to do something crazy or won’t panic.

Know your Capacity.

Are you capable of hiking short or long? Are you mentally fit to embark on your new journey? Do you have any fear of heights that can interfere with your safety?  Know yourself well. Don’t plan hesitantly.

Get Physically Prepare.

The best thing you can do in the gym or home is high-intensity cardio. You can run, walk fast or hiking up the stairs.  Cardio will build up stamina for an arduous hike. If you are overweight or just starting excessing your ould consult your doctor to know your physical fitness level. You could also do Yoga. Yoga is really helpful in developing flexibility, overall strength, and mental wellbeing. it’s crucial to stretch before and after the hike. It helps a lot. Start small and hike often. The more you will hike the more you become stronger and fitter.

Know your Trail.

Research your hike thoroughly the day before hiking. Know the area fully to decide what pack or what gear do you need to be safe in the trail. Talk to the people or park manager who knows the trail well, learn from them, get advice from them. You could also see some videos on youtube about the park or other people’s hiking blogging. It will give you a solid idea of your trail.

Prepare your backpack.

Are you going to hike 3-8 miles then bring a small backpack with enough water some necessity gear and healthy snack. If you hike above 8 miles or plan a multi-day hike, pack more water, more food as needed and some essential gear like sleeping bag/tent, first aid kit, compass, knife. Don’t make your backpack too heavy, Always try to light-weight. You can avoid packing DSLR, laptop or tablet, just bring a smartphone. I have seen many hikers on the trail who are completely over packed and would hike only a couple of miles. Be smart and go ultralight. Do you want to know more about the essentials items for hiking read here: 10 Essentials items for Everyday hiking. 

Don’t get lost in the trail.

Always hike with a group of friends. Don’t get behind or lost from the trail. Follow the team leader. Use the AllTrails app to stay on the trail. Beware of the trail direction and landmarks. If you are beginner don’t hike any trail that you don’t know or hike with an experienced hiker.

Dress for success.

Clothes are important. It helps a lot with your hiking. Wear proper clothes depending on the season and weather. Buy a quality windproof jacket. Do not wear heavy shoes. Buy the lightest weight boot for your local park hiking. 

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

How to prepare a suitable kit for hiking.

A suitable kit will make your hike more comfortable and peaceful.

  • Food- Pack ready to eat and easy to open foods like banana, sweet potato. Bring a few 300 plus calories bars that serve a good proportion of fat, protein, and carbs. Don’t overeat in the hike, You will feel more comfortable with less eating.
  • Water- Pack 2 to 3-liter water bottle. Bring some water purification tablets. You would see water stream beside the trail, You would be able to refill your bottle and purify it.
  • Sleeping bag or ten is a must for a multi-day hike. You can carry a mat for a short hike to sit and take rest. 
  • Compass or Navigation- A map of the trails is essential. Collect the maps from the park ranger office.
  • Pack waterproof matches or a lighter. Get tow of them, give one of them to your partner in case you drop the lighter in the trail.
  • Headlamp is must pack for a night hike. Always pack some extra battery.
  • Pack a pocket knife and first aid kit.

Few more extra tips on how to prepare for a hike.

  • Nutrition and hydration are two main important things to remember. Never get dehydrated and pack enough nutrias food that keeps you energetic.
  • Walking technique matters. Don’t walk first or slow, Take small steps with continuous walking will help go further than resting or sprinting. 
  • Know the nature. Where are you going? What is the weather? How much cold in the forest. Learn and study nature before the hike.
  • Hiking is all about technique and preparation, not physical fitness. Learn from the experts.
  • Be determined and persistent in long-distance hiking, Otherwise, you won’t finish the trail. It takes more willpower to survive in the multiway hike.
  • Use hiking poles they are handy and comfy on hiking up and down.

In conclusion, After hiking often you will fall in love with nature and with times you will familiarize about all the essential hiking. Thanks for reading. If you any questions please comments I will answer asap. Follow me on Instagram to see my hiking photos.

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