My Story

HI, My name is Alamin Hossain, and I’m the Founder and Creator of this website.

I’m only 24 years old, My home country is Bangladesh but Living in South Korea over 3 years.

My life has changed after coming to Korea. Korea is a land of mountain. It’s 75% area are filled with beautiful and magnificent mountain. Korea introduced me the beauty of Mountain trail hiking and how it can make a person’s life more fulfilling. 

I started my hiking journey with a Korean climbing group called Climb in Korea(CIK). They create hiking event every weekend. Many foreigner and Korean hike together and enjoy mountain top view.

In Korea I work 6 days in a week. Get only one day off and in this day i go out for hiking and, I hike already over 20 mountain of Korea. Including two biggest mountain are Jirisan and Seoraksan. 

I started this site for hiker who needs inspiration and tips on conquering mountain trail. My main focus is to give you guiding of mountain trail hiking and sharing inspiration journey of my hiking.

I’m not good at English but giving my full effort in writing iinformative article to make your hiking life more fulfilling and entertaining. 

My main focus behind creating this blog is: 

  • To introducing beautiful mountain and sharing inspiration
  • To meet with new people who love hiking
  • To motivate you by sharing my hiking journey.
  • To make your hiking life more enjoying.

I’m an avid hiker, writer, and traveler. You can call me an outdoor enthusiast. I have traveled 5 countries so far, and planning to travel more.

Let’s hike more and make our life worry free and happy. Hike for life.