How to Hike Baegundae Peak of Mt Bukhansan [The Definitive Guide]

I’m an avid hiker and love hiking mountain trail. Today as I write this article, I’ve hiked Bukkhansan 9th times as I live near Seoul. If I don’t have any other plan, then I go for hiking to Bukkhansan, specially Bagundae peak. Bear with me I will share with you my experience and give you details guide to conquer this park.

seoul mountain top view
“He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary.” ― Friedrich Neitszche

Why I Hiked Bukhansan For 9th Times:

Bukhansan Baegundae peak arguably is the favorite and scenic hike near the Seoul suburb. If you are like me love adventure and don’t want to miss the chance to see the beautiful Seoul city view from the top, then this is definitely a must hike for you.

You will thank yourself by seeing the beautiful scenery on the top. It’s unbelievably stunning. I added some photos for reference.

bukhansan top view
“That’s what mountains do, they taunt you, lure you to the freedom of the wilderness, and it is fucking exhilarating.” ― Shannon M Mullen

The park has over 5 million visitors every year and received Guinness Book of World Records for the most visited park.

It is located in the northern part of Seoul and easily accessible via the metro. It’s only thirty minutes ride from the Seoul central station by subway and bus.

This mountain has three major and a few other famous peaks. Bagundae peak is the highest one with 863m (2,744 feet) top from the sea level.

The other two significant peaks are Insubong peak 810.5 meters and Mangyeongdae peak 787.0 meters. The Insubong peak is for the rock climber.

So, if you hike top to the Baegundae peak you will see some rock climber are on the big rock climbing up to the summit. They are so brave and bold. They seem like a little ant walking on the most significant rock.

insubong peak
“Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.” – Anatoli Boukreev

How To Climb Baegundae Peak?

Your details guide of conquering Bukhansan Baegundae peak goes here. I will share with you updated information as you are probably new here don’t want to get lost in misleading information.

Below You will also get my Facebook and Instagram profile to knock me if you need any help or info. I would be glad to help you.

baegundae peak hiking
“Those who travel to mountain-tops are half in love with themselves, and half in love with oblivion.” ― Robert Macfarlane

How To Go To Bukhansan National Park.

Take Seoul Metro line number 3 =>> Exit Number 1 of Gupabal Station to walk 30 sec to the bus stop don’t go to the opposite bus stop.  ==> Take 8772, 34, 704 bus bound for Bukkhansan National Park (Bukhansanseong Ipgu) and this park is also the last stop for 8772 bus.

You will see many hikers also taking the bus and will get off at the entrance of the park. In the main entrance of the park, there are many small and big stores all are related to the mountain, selling hiking accessories and foods.

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Hiking To The Bagundae Trail:

After getting off the bus, start the hike through the park’s main gate. Get a trail map from the information center.

Baegundae Peak Hiking Course:

Bukhansanseong Information Center(북한산성 탐방지원 센터) >> Gorge Trail/Nature Trail >>Bukhansan History Museum(북한산 동업자) >> Dae-Seong-Mun Gate ( 대성문) >> Baegundae Peak

Follow the Baegundae trail. Most of the hikers are going for Baegundae peak, So, don’t worry you will not get lost in the trail. Ask the crowd. Tell them you are heading for Baegundae they will understand though you don’t speak Korean.

When you descend, you have two easy options taking the same route to way down or the different trail which will lead to the Bukhansan Ui station.

What To Pack In South Korea Hike?

Please bring appropriate hiking shoes since the trail is steep and rocky, appropriate clothing also necessary. Packed snacks and lunch to eat on the top peak with the stunning view and the open sky.

You can buy bibimbap and snacks from the park entrance store. Take enough water with you. If you hike in the hot season then you must bring 2 liters of water to keep you hydrated.

Duration Of Baegundae Peak Hike.

The trail is approximately 7km long and It would take about r 4 to 5 hours to reach the top Baegundae Peak. If you are a fast hiker, It would take a bit less time then you can enjoy some other peaks too.

Hiking Bukhansan with a mountain expert.

I highly suggest taking a mountain expert with you. If you are new in Seoul also new to hiking. Bukhansan trail hiking could be dangerous and you could lose the trail direction and get yourself in hassle.

The Local mountain exper is super friendly and they do everything for you from Safety restriction to making sure you could enjoy your hike fully and get the stunning top mountain view.

They also provide a Launch box and will take you from your staying place by car.

Book your Hiking to Bukhansan Peak(Baegundae: 836.5m) with Mountain Expert below.

Few More Tips on HIking Bukhansan.

  • The park entrance is free. You need money for transportation and to buy lunch.
  • Use the Kakao Metro app for the Seoul subway. The app is available on Google Play and App store.
  • The trail is moderately difficult with steep and rocky. If you are an active person, it won’t be that much difficult. In the last section of climbing, you will have to pull up yourself by supporting the steel cables.
  • Get Bukkhansan National Park trails maps from the park information center.
  • Start hike early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Message me on Facebook or Instagram for any help or info. Also, Most of the weekend I hike the mountain trail, you are welcome to walk with me.

Check out My Bukhansan National Park Hiking Photos:

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Bukhansan National Park Trail Map:

This is the Bukhansan trail map for reference. You can get the same Bukhansan map in the information center.


Bukhansan National Park Hiking Video Guide.

Credits: Tree City Collective.

For more info follow the official site Visitkorea. I added some more stunning photos of the Baegundae peak. Make sure to check the images. The view is incredible. And for adventure lovers, this mountain is a must-visit.

Hey if you get help from the info and want to connect with me. Follow me on Instagram and Connect with me on Facebook. Happy hiking, happy traveling.

Do you have any questions? Comments below I will answer asap.

Thanks for reading. Hike more, worry less.

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How do I get to Bukhansan?

Take Seoul metro Line no 3 and Get off at Gupabal Station. Get out via Exit 1. There is a Bus station in exit 1. Take 8772 or 704 Bus and get off at the last stop in Bukhansanseong Fortress (북한산성) of the Bukhansan Mountain entrance.

How long does it take to hike Bukhansan?

To hike the top Baegundae peak of Bukhansan It would take about 2 hours one way. Total trail is about 3.4 km long. Read More about: Hiking To The Bagundae Trail details guide.

Where to stay near Bukhansan National Park

You could stay in Healing Hanok Chaihyodang , Shine Hotel or in Oh My Guest House. All are only about 3-5 km away from Bukhansan. Check out these: 10 finest and closest places to stay near Bukhansan park.

What is the highest point in Seoul?

Baegundae peak of Bukhansan mountain is the highest point in Seoul. It is 836.5 m high. There are two other peak above 600m within Seoul, Which are Suraksan and Dobongsan mountain peak.

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