Hiking Bukhansan National Park(북한산국립공원) (2020 Full Guide)

Bukhansan National Park is the most visited park in Korea. It has the Guinness Book World record for the most visited park per unit area.

Over 5 million visitors are visiting and hiking Bukhansan national park every year for its unique magnificent rocky peak and crystal clear streams.

Bukhansan is also very popular for its Bukhansanseong fortress, which is built in 1771 to protect Seoul from threats and Invaders. 

Why Hiking Bukhansan National Park?

If you love hiking and nature, Hiking Bukhansan National park near Seoul is just perfect. Get out of the busy city and explore the stunning Bukhansan park. After hiking to the top Baegundae peak, You would be amazed by seeing the incredible view of Seoul city.

Bukhansan national park length is 80 km and has three main peaks, which are Baegundae (백운대) peak 836.5 meters (2,744 ft), Insubong(인수봉) peak 810.5 meters (2,659 ft), Mangyeongdae peak 787.0 meters (2,582.0 ft). 

The most popular one is Baegundae peak. This is the main peak and highest one in Seoul. There are four routes to hike to Baegundae peak.

There is a shelter on the main two routes where you could buy food and water. It will take about 2 to 4 hours to reach the peak, it totally depends on your hiking pace. Special note, Take enough water with you in the summertime.

The Insubong(인수봉) peak is another most popular one for a rock climber. This peak is formed with granite rock and You will see many rock climbers is climbing the giant rock. It has over 100 routes to climb it. 

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bukhansan national park giant rock
“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir

Another main reason, many people hike Bukhansan national park, because it’s only 30 minutes ride to Bukhansan National park entrance from Seoul Station and easily accessible via subway and bus. 

My First Hiking Experience in Bukhansan National Park

I have been living in South Korea for over 3 years, and the one thing I learned here deeply and grateful for Hiking. I’m from Bangladesh and We don’t have many mountains like Korea and if I want to hike one I had to take 6-10 hours bus ride.

So, it was difficult and we could not get enough chance to mingle with nature because it was far from Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. 

When I first came to Korea, One of my friends invited me to hike with her in a mountain, it was an event arranged by the local hospital, and the slogan was a hike for your health.

I participated in that event and I enjoyed the hike very much. Koreans were so helpful and kind. They like to hike together and help each other to reach their peak.

I liked their unique hiking style and the way they hike and more on that the way Korean mountain is connected to  Subway station. It’s so easy, with no risk of losing direction.

All you have to do get the name of the mountain you want a hike in Seoul and you will find a directly connected subway to the park entrance.

After that event, I searched on google to see what are the top hiking club and arrange a hiking event regularly. I found one of the popular ones named Climbing in Korea.

How to Hike Bukhansan With Local Hiking Group for Free.

Visit Climbing in Korea Meetup and Facebook Page to hike with them. There are fully free and every Saturday there are over 40 foreigners hikes with this group. Visit Here: 1. Climbing in the Korea Meetup group. 2. Climbing in Korea Facebook Page.

They are so popular and arrange many events every weekend and sometimes on holiday. I first hiked Bukhansan National park with them and after that, with one of my close friends.

That’s how I began and loving hiking and felt in love with Korea’s mountain and it’s pure, scenic view of the top. I’ve hiked over 20 mountains including Seoraksan and Jirisan mountain.

As I live near Seoul, I hiked all of the mountains of Seoul suburb and I hiked Bukhansan National Park over 7 times.

So, I believe, I know much more information about this park and will give you the authentic guideline to conquer Bukhansan Park’s main Baegundae peak.

baegundae peak hiking
“Walking: the most ancient exercise and still the best modern exercise.” – Carrie Latet

Hiking Bukhansan National Park – FAQ

I’ve tried to answers all of your asked questions about Hiking Bukhansan national park below. I hope you will find these answers helpful. After reading the questions if you have more queries just comments I reply instantly. I still live in Seoul. Do you want to hike with me? Knock me on Facebook or Instagram.

How to get to Bukhansan National Park?

I love hiking Bukhansan National park and hiked over 7 times because it’s easily accessible via Subway and Bus. It is only 30 minutes ride to Bukhasan National Park Entrance from Seoul Station and a very convenient day hike near central Seoul and perfect to see the magnificent Seoul city view from the top of some of Bukhansan peaks.

How to get to Bukhansan Park Entrance?

There are multiple park entrances of Bukhansan. The most popular one is the Baegundae course which starts with Bukhansanseong Ipgu.

  1. Take Seoul Subway line number 3.
  2. Get off at Gupabal Station and Exit 1
  3. Take a bus 704 or 8772 bus to the Bukhansanseong Fortress Entrance (북한산성).


  • Take Line Number 4 subway from Seoul station.
  •  Get off at Gireum Station and Exit 3.
  •  Then Take a bus 110B or 143 and Get off at the last bust stop to the entry of the trail.


  1. Go to the Mangwolsa Station ( Subway line number 1)
  2. Exit 1 and walk up to 10 min to the Dobong management office of Bukhansan National park.

No need to worry. You will meet many locals and foreigners also at the bus stop, who are going to hike Bukhansan. If you not sure about anything just ask the local they are very friendly.

You could also take a taxi from the bus stop. The taxi fare is about ( 6000 won) but I suggest to take the bus, the bus is more frequent and convenient. 

bukhansan national park faq
“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

How to hike Baegundae peak of Bukhansan?

After getting off at Bukhansanseong Ipgu, Go to the Bukhansanseong Park Information Center and collect your maps to hike Baegundae peak. Then look for a sign that says Bagundae trail and start hiking.

After crossing the park center, you will see multiple Baegundae trails to the peak, You could take any one of them but the easiest one is Nature Interpretive trail, After hiking about 600 meters, this path again reconnect with the main path.

How to descend from the Baegundae peak?

When you get down from the Bagundae peak, There are three main trails routes are available in descending. You can get down from the same route of the way up or Take another route which leads to the other side of the park. In second options follow the “Daedongmun Gate “ sign. After reaching the endpoint go to the UI-dong bus station and take a bus to Suyu Subway.

Baegundae peak trail map.

The Baegundae peak is 836.5m high and takes about 2 to 3 hours to the peak. Please see the Baegundae trail map below.

Hiking Trails map of the Bukhansan National Park.

Credits: KNPS Korea

Visit the official Bukhansan National Park website and Check the Baegundae hiking course.

How long is the Bukhansan hike?

It will depend on your hiking pace. It usually takes for an average fit hiker from 3 hours to 5 hours.

What is the entrance fee of Bukhansan National Park?

  • The park entrance is totally free. but If you go by car then you have to pay for the parking fee. The fee is between 2000-8000 won.
  • Opening Hours: You have to begin a hike 2 hours after sunrise and get down 2 hours before sunset.
  • Not Accessible Period: Annual Forest Fire Prevention Period March 2 – April 30 / November 15 – December 15. Also, it is prohibited to night hike in Bukhansan park.
baegundae peak hiking end point
“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir

How to hike Bukhansan peak with mountain experts?

There are so many courses and routes in Bukhansan in National park. Hiking alone could be dangerous and frightening. or It’s always a better idea to hike with an expert who knows the park very well and can give you the best experience in less hassle.

I suggest for beginners or lone hikers always hike with an expert. It will enhance your hiking experience and do not have to worry about planning and hiking safety. 

There are many local experts you could find online but I especially recommend this tour guide. Who are really friendly and provide extra care. 

Facility they provide.

  • Launch box on the mountain.
  • Water bottle.
  • A mountain expert and driving guide.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Air-conditioned vehicle.

What is the address of Bukhansan national park?

Here is the address of this beautiful park near should. Just copy and paste it on your google maps you will get direction to go Bukhansan national park.

Bukhansan Park address: Bukhansan National Park, 262, Bogungmun-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 02700 South Korea

What is the Contact Info of Bukhansan National Park?

If you have any query you can phone or email to National park office. They are very friendly. Just call them and ask them your questions.

Telephone: 82-33-769-9300 / 82-1670-9201(Customer support center)

Fax: 82-33-769-9419

Email: webmaster@knps.or.kr

baegundae top peak view panaroma
“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

How Far is Bukhansan National Park from Seoul?

It is only a 30-minute ride by subway or bus from Seoul station to Bukhansan park entrance. the distance of about 13 km.

When to visit Bukhansan National Park?

  • You can visit this beautiful park throughout the years. However, Spring and fall overs the most scenic view with comforting hiking weather.
  • Avoid Weekend if possible. There are many foreign hikers hike mostly at the weekend and the trail is crowded. so it’s better to avoid the weekend hike.
  • Start hike in the early in the morning to avoid crowded trail and will be happy to see the serene view of the trail.
  • If you love snow and want to experience a snowy hike then Winter top view of Bukhansan is stunning. Before you go hike, prepare yourself for windy and freezing temperatures. Wear proper shoes, the trail would be slippered and frosty.

What is the most hiking course in Bukhansan National Park?

There is two most popular hiking course. 

  • One is Taking Bogukun Course for an easy hiking experience. The hiking distance is about 2.4km one way and a duration of 1.5 hours.
  • Another one is Bukhansanseong Course to hike to the top Baegundae peak. Hiking distance ( 1-way 3.4km and duration 2 to 3 hours ) 

What to pack on Korean Hike?

  • Pack enough snacks and energy bars.
  • Sitting mats or tiny hiking chair.
  • A small survival kit or just pack some band-aids.
  • Enough water. Bring more for a summer hike.
  • Wear proper clothing for a comforting hike.

More Info on Hiking Bukhansan National Park.

  • Hiking Duration – It depends on your pace. It would take about 4 to 5 hours to complete the total Bagundae course.
  • The distance of Hiking – Total 7.7km of hike From Bukhansan national park to Baegundae peak.
  • Difficulty: This is a moderate hiking course. Begging is not hard but It gets a bit harder at the end section of the hike. Seoul hiker gives 4 out 4 hiking difficulty rating of this route.
  • You can pack anti-slip gloves as you have to hike at the end section by pulling yourself up by using ropes that are well encored in place.
  • Buy a T-money card to pay transportation fees.
  • Use the Kakao Subway and Kakao Bus map for transportation. Download Never maps for better navigation as it’s a local map.
  • Use proper dress. Better dress in a layer in the fall and spring hike as it gets windier at the top.
  • Food and Drink: Bring plenty of food and drink. You could buy them from the local store at the park entrance. I love Gimbap, Noodles, Kimchi and enough energy bars to take to hike.
  • Korean Hiking Culture: Hiking is different here then western culture. Korean love hiking in a group and they hike at a slow pace and like to pack a picnic to the mountain. Koreans are so friendly and helpful. Even if you talk to them they let know all of the information, sometimes they insist on giving you food to eat. 

More tips on Hiking Bukhansan National Park.

Do you want to know more about Korea National park? Download this free Korean National park guide in pdf. National Parks of Korea – Korea National Park

Bukhansan National park official website for more inquiry. Visit here: Bukhansan – Korea National Park

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I hope you get your answers to hike Bukhansan national park from this in-depth article. Please, comments if you have any other queries. Thanks for reading. Happy Hiking, Happy Traveling.

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