South Korea Hiking – Frequently Asked Questions.

The main focus of this article is to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions while you are hiking in South Korea.

There are many things that people like to do while they are in South Korea and hiking is certainly one of the most common. In fact, hiking has become very popular all over the world and South Korea is no different.

People from all over the world like to spend time in nature and visit the country. Not only that way they could spend some time outside but they can also visit a lot of Korea’s beautiful places.

In South Korea, hiking is the most famous way for people to stay active and healthy regardless of their age. Not to mention that it is very easy to hike in the county and most of the time you will be surrounded by mountains and forests.

All you need to are hiking shoes, some lightweight clothes, a water bottle, a daypack and rain, and a soft-shell jacket. Korea is full of parks, mountains, and landmarks that are loved by many.

The top 5 mountains in Korea are Hallasan, which peaks at over 1,950 meters, followed by Jirisan (1,915 meters), Banyabong (1,734 meters), Seoraksan (1,707 meters) and Deogyusan (1,613 meters).

Those are just some of the places that people like to visit and spend a lot of time in.

South Korea hiking FAQ:

Where can I hike in Seoul?

The most common places that people like to hike in are Bukhansan, Namsan, Achasan, Bugaksan, and Dobongsan. Bukhansan is common of them all.

It is located in the north of the city center and reports prove that every year it can attract over 5 million hikers. Most people start their adventure at Bukhansanseong Fortress Course and continue to Baegundae.

This is a total of the 3,4-kilometre trail, people can enjoy being at the highest peak of the mountain which is around 840 meters above sea level. Namsan is a super convenient hike that is located right in the heart of the city.

Achasan can bring you a lot of vertical challenges, especially if you are an experienced, hiker. The atmosphere in Bugaksan can be a little bit tense.

It is 342 meters high and you will most likely need your passport because of the military presence around. Dobongsan can truly be one of the hardest and most rewarding hikes that you can take advantage of while you are in Seoul.

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What is the highest point in Seoul?

The highest point in Seoul is Bukhansan. The Bukhansan is located in the north and is tall 2,744 feet (836 meters). It is not only sacred to people but it’s one of Seoul’s biggest attractions.

There are many people who hike in the mountain and also spend some time on the island of Jeju. How do I get from Seoul to Bukhansan? Getting from one place to another in Seoul and within its area is not very hard.

In order for you to get from Seoul to Buhkansan, you need to use public transport. First, you need to take the metro and exit at the Gupabal Station (Line 3). After going from Exit 1, hop onto bus 704 to Bukhansanseong Fortress. Then you must get off at the Bukhansanseong Hiking Support Center and enter Bukhansan National Park.

Once there, you can follow the signposts to find your preferred route.
How do I get to Baegundae Peak? The Baegundae Peak is located in the Bukhansan National Park so you can easily use the same route. First, you need to take the metro to Gupabal Station (Line 3), then go for Exit 1.

After that, you take the bus 704 to the Bukhansanseong Fortress and leave at the Bukhansanseong Hiking Support. Once you are there, the park is nearby. At the Bukhansan National Park, you will see a sign for Baegundae Peak which will lead you right to it.

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How do you get from Seoraksan to Seoul?

Seoraksan is a national park that is located in Gangwon. The most famous options could be a taxi and one of the express buses. If you want to take a taxi it can cost up to 10,000 won.

If you prefer to go on a bus, catch one from the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal to Sokcho City. The trip takes about 2 hours and the buses travel in between 30 minutes.

How long does it take to climb Bukhansan? It can take either 2 or 3 hours to climb Buhkansan but you need to be around the Baegundae Peak to do so.

The Baegundae Peak is the highest part of the mountain and it is 2,700 feet high. There are about 3.4 kilometers trails that can help you arrive there in approximately 3 hours.

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five highest mountain hike in korea

How to get to Bukhansan from Myoeongdong?

It can take about 18 minutes to arrive from Bukhansan to Myoengdong and that can happen in a taxi. This can cost you approximately $16. The other option is to use both a subway and taxi.

You can take the subway from the Myoeongdong Station and leave at the Suyu Station. Then you can grab a taxi from the Suyu Station and leave at the Bukhansan.

How populous is Seoul for hiking? Seoul is home to over 9.6 million people. Most of these people love to stay active and healthy and they join tourists and people from all over the world to go on a hike around the mountains in the area.

During the research, it was confirmed that almost all of the citizens prefer to do hiking because they can enjoy nature and weather. Not to mention that most of the mountains can be covered in just a day and they are all very beautiful.

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How to hike the Seoul City Wall?

The Seoul City Wall is a series of walls that were made of stone, wood and other materials. There are many ways to go in the area and hike. For example, you can grab a taxi to Changuimun Gate.

Another way is to take the subway and arrive at Gyeongbokgung Station with line 3. At Exit 3, you can take the green bus which is number 7212 or you can go for numbers 1020 or 7022.

Then you can get off at the Jahamungogage Ridge and after 5 stops you will arrive. Upon arrival, just 2 minutes on foot and you will be at the Changuimun Gate.

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How to hike Seoul City Wall (Baegak Mountain Trail) & getting there?

The Seoul City Wall was built 620 years ago and is among one of the tourist attraction of Seoul. You can hike from the Seoul City Wall to the Baegak Mountain Trail.

The Baegmak Mountain Trails runs from Changuimun Gate to Sukjeongmun Gate and then to the Hyehwamun Gate.

How to hike Namsan Tower?

The Namsan Tower is the most prominent landmark that Seoul has to offer and it’s certainly an attraction for both locals and tourists who want to hike there.

There are plenty of things to do nearby the Namsan Tower. There are the Seoul Tower Plaza, the Namsan Park, the Namsangol Hanok Village and so much more to hike.

There are no cars allowed that can drive up to the Tower. The best way to get to it to take the Namsan Shuffle Bus from Subway Line 3 or 4. Once there, it can take you around 30 minutes to hike up to the highest point of the Namsan Tower.

Directions for hiking to Namsan Tower? If you want to hike the Namsan Tower there are various ways to go to it. One of the ways is to use bus number 402 or number 405 from Bakbeom Park.

The same buses can be taken from the Namsan Library as well. The easiest way to get to it is to take the local bus number 3 near the Hayatt Hotel from the Noksapyeong Station. Once there, there are a lot of signs that can help you figure out your desired route.

Bukhansan National Park Trail map Guide?

One of the many reasons to visit The Bukhansan National Park is the incredible view that it has of Seoul. In order for you to get to the park, you need to take the subway.

Line 3 and then to Daehwa, then get off at the Gupabal Station (Exit 1). After that, you take bus number 704 and get off at the Bukhansanseong Fortress Entrance station.

If you want to go to the National Park and make sure you don’t see a huge amount of people then the best time is as early as possible.

Another thing to avoid is the weekend because the chances to have more people around who are hiking will be a lot more. The best seasons to visit are either spring or autumn because of the temperatures.

In both the summer and in the winter the temperatures can be very changing and hiking when it’s too hot or too cold can be extremely challenging and dangerous.

bukhansan top view

What are some popular mountains near Seoul?

The most popular mountains near Seoul are Bukhansan, Gwanaksan, Inwangsan, and Bugaksan. People like to go hiking in these mountains a lot more than the rest of the mountains in the area of Seoul. Besides Bukhansan, you can easily try one of the other mountains who also have a lot to offer, especially beautiful views.

How to get to Dobongsan mountain?

Dobongsan is located on the northeast of the Bukhansan National Park. If you are currently at the Park then you can go on the opposite side and then you will have trails to follow.

If you want to go to Dobongsan from Seoul then you have to take the subway. Take Line 1 from the Seoul Station to the Dobongsan Station and then from Exit 1 you can go to the Bukhansan National Park.

The Dobongsan Station is the closest station to the mountain. Once you are in the area of the park, however, you have to either grab a taxi or go by foot.

How to get to Suraksan mountain?

Suraksan is one of the mountains in the area of Seoul that are very easy to hike and it’s a great destination to spend some time. You can complete it within 3 hours.

The Suraksan mountain is approximately 30 minutes away from Seoul Station. In order for you to get to the mountain, you need to take Line 4 from the Seoul Station which is heading to the Danggogae Station.

At the Danggogae Station leave from Exit 4. The other option is to go to Suraksan Station and start your hike from there.

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How to get to Sobaeksan from Seoul?

Sobaeksan is not so close to Seoul. The distance between the two is over 198 kilometers. The fastest way to travel from Seoul to Sobaeksan is with a car and that will be about 2 and a half hours.

On the other hand, the cheapest way to get to it is with a subway which can last up to 3 hours. With the subway, first, you have to take it from the City Hall Station to the Cheongnyangni Station.

This can cost between $1 and $2. Then you have to move from the Cheongnyangni Station to the Punggi Station and this will cost between $7 and $11.

From the Punggi Station the only options are with a taxi or on foot on your way to the Suraksan National Park. The distance is 14 kilometers and a taxi can get you there for about 20 minutes and this will cost you approximately $17.

There are plenty of options when you want to travel around and hike in South Korea. Seoul is full of places that deserve to be visited whether it’s the Namsan Tower or the Bukhansan.

These locations will definitely leave a mark and make you satisfied. There is a reason why millions of Koreans from Seoul and all over the country love to hike and stay healthy.

Tourists from all over the world like to do the same as well. It is made very easy and as long as you have a map with you, then you will definitely have a great time hiking.


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