Why Hiking Is the Best Hobby? 10 Reasons to Start Hiking as a Hobby.

Hiking is a different version of walking, covering longer distances. You can go hiking in the mountains, forests or any type of trails.

Some might scare you about hiking saying that it is very difficult, needs lots of skills or it is very costly. None of these are true.

You can enjoy hiking at your own fitness level, with some very basic walking skills and even within a very limited budget.

No one needs to be a pro-hiker unless you are taking it too seriously. All you need is a trail in front with a pair of comfy shoes and you are good to go!

Is Hiking a Sport or Hobby?

According to the definition of sport: A sport is a competitive activity arranged between individuals or teams that involves physical exertion and skills. Basically, any sport has some criteria.

Rules and Regulations by an authority and competition. Hiking doesn’t fulfill the criteria of a sport. It’s more like a hobby, which doesn’t offer any competition usually.

You can arrange friendly hiking speed competitions with your friends and family. You can even speed up your own hiking pace. It’s not distinguished worldwide as a valid sport.

You can question about mountain biking and fishing. But it’s not necessarily needed to be competitive. You can attend these for mere refreshment and entertainment purposes. Hiking is not quite a sport. It’s a recreational activity, a hobby.

hiking as a hobby

What kind of activity is hiking?

Hiking is a refreshing outdoor activity. It is suitable for almost any season of the year.

When the colors of nature are brighter and more vividly beautiful. The temperature is pretty much comfortable and trekking up a mountain trail becomes an extraordinary experience.

A break from the monotony of daily life. It impacts on some real health and psychological benefits. Hiking serves you as a multi-dimensional hobby. 

Hiking is a very good teamwork. It helps to bring people closer who has the same taste and passion. It helps you making new friends as you go along.

Choose proper hiking equipment and minimal precaution depending on the trail you choose. Before you start off hiking, make sure to stay safe and healthy.

Keep energy levels high and body hydrated with a continuous supply of food and water.

is hiking a sport or hobby

10 Reasons to Start Hiking as a Hobby.

Those, who love walking along the countryside; or those, who are simply admirers of mountains and nature’s retreat, both love hiking for a refreshing, health-beneficiary experience. It serves as an instant mood lifter and energy booster.

Hiking makes you a happier person:

Hiking is more than boring and lazy afternoon pastimes. It serves vitally bringing happiness and joy in your life. Being happy is good for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Hiking offers more relaxation than meditational therapy for depression. Which is often suggested by professional psychologists.

Hiking sharpens your self- perception and improves self-esteem, which is very important for being productive in professional and personal life.


Hiking boosts your creativity and Makes you smarter:

Being a versatile outdoor activity ranging from climbing along steep, uneven mountain trails to making instant camp food; hiking motivates your creative side to look at the bigger picture.

During any routine hiking tour. Your limitations and boundaries are going to be tested and you will need to think outside the box.

Hiking teaches you how to do something going beyond your comfort zone.

It improves your problem-solving skills which are very essential for any creative job. 

Hiking helps to elevate your senses:

Going out for hiking Gives your freedom unlike walking on any random street. Where you need to follow traffic rules, your pets need to be restrained. Hiking helps to keep your senses alive, your eyes sharp, ears active.

This soothes your soul, calms your stress down. The adrenaline rush in your blood helps your heart circulate blood more actively, keeping you alert and ready for any adverse or strange situation.

It provides a strong connection between your body and Mother Nature.

Makes you adventurous and fun-loving:

Hiking is the best way of exploring new places. It lets you do what you’ve never done.

Depending on the trails you choose. You’ll be able to explore the mysterious mountain tunnels, swim in the crystal clear stream water, go on fishing, chase the butterflies, and listen to the amazing birds chirping sound and what not!

Either setting up a tent out in the wild or staying overnight on the trails under the moonlit sky. Hiking is something that’s definitely going to overwhelm your mind.

Every minute out there on the top of the world, you are going to live your life to the fullest! 

Incorporates nature into your perspective:

Hiking is going to change your perspective about life and materialistic world. It will change your views about the way of living and let you realize how minimal things we actually need to be happy in life.

The deep greeneries, the smell of the first drop of rain, the bustle of falling leaves will make you feel like never wanting to leave the mountains.

It enlightens you spiritually, connects you with your beliefs and makes you feel how vast the universe is in comparison to our limited life.  

Hiking improves your fitness level and stamina:

Being a strenuous outdoor activity, hiking is a very good energy booster for fitness-junkies.

Hours of climbing and walking through uneven terrains are going to test your muscle power, give you a very good level of whole-body stretching exercise.

Initially, you might find it exhausting. But, once you are done with your fears and laziness. The trails are going to pull you like magnets.

The muscle cramps will be less occurring and more manageable, stamina will be boosted up and your blood circulation will be more active. Researchers say hiking is a very good exercise for keeping your heart healthy.

It will reduce your blood pressure, control your blood glucose levels, maintain good electrolyte balance and reduce stress.

Those suffering from overweight problems can choose it as a one-stop solution and you’ll get your optimum fitness level in no time.

Gives you space from monotony:

From everyday life problems, everyone needs a short escape plan. Which provides you both space and health benefits. Who doesn’t want it!

Hiking is something that can serve you both spaces from your monotonous daily life and experience in the wilderness.

A light stroll out in the woods with the views of the sunset over the top of the world is what you need in your life.

If you pass busy schedules of professional life and the chaos of bustling neighborhoods are getting on your nerves. This is a sure no-brainer escape plan! 

Hiking Makes you more social:


It is a great social outing, enjoyable for most people. Every time you set out for a new trial, you are going to meet a whole new bunch of people and make new friends who share the same taste and views as you. They’ll send you instant help in case you lose your direction. The more you’ll go hiking, your hiking network will broaden up around the country or even better, around the world.

You’ll meet the nature in her finest:

Exploring a new area is a different kind of joy already if it involves some extra-ordinary views of valleys, greeneries or golden deserts; the experience is unforgettable.

Hiking is your way to go if you want this kind of true happiness in your life. Every time you’ll be hiking a new trail. You will be used to the inhabitants of the area, weather, temperature and it’s best natural features like never before.

Hiking gives the opportunity to learn something new:

Hiking needs a few skills like survival with the minimal requirements in the wilderness.

You will get to know more about tent set up, starting a campfire, protecting from wild animals. Consequently, preventing hiker’s knee pain and tactics on getting rid of hiking blisters.

This way, hiking will enlighten you about a new perspective of your own sets of survival skills. The refreshment together of learning new techniques and skills is rare except for hiking.

How to start hiking as a hobby:

Starting hiking as a hobby doesn’t require a village! Your will power, little enthusiasm, combined with few types of equipment serve fair enough to start hiking as a hobby.

how to start hiking as a hobby

Getting Inspiration to start hiking as a hobby:

You can take your hiking inspiration from almost anything. You can subscribe to any hiking blog or Vlogs. Read some very good hiking related magazines. Watch some pretty good hiking related movies which you’ll get easily available while chilling with Netflix.

More importantly, social media like Facebook and Instagram are also pretty much motivating for activities like hiking.

Follow the successful hikers, learn their techniques and give tips on their social media accounts.

Building Hiking skills:

Get to know some basic hiking skills from Google or YouTube like the use of trekking poles, setting up a tent, starting a campfire, making camp foods, survival techniques in emergency situations like a snowstorm, sand storm, landslides, etc.

Hiking Equipment.

Pack necessary hiking essentials.

  • Firestarter
  • Proper hiking clothes according to season
  • Water bottle/ hydration bladder
  • Navigation equipment like GPS, compass, android phones, power banks, and maps.
  • Emergency shelter: tents, tarps, sleeping bags.
  • Multipurpose knife
  • Flashlight, headlamp
  • First aid box
  • Lightweight snacks like granola bars, chocolates, nuts.
  • Sun protection: sunglasses, sunblock, umbrella, hat.


These are the things you’ll need to start a beneficial hobby like hiking. The refreshing escape from your routine monotonous like and the chance of knowing the unknown.

There is no other hobby even remotely close to hiking. You’ll never regret why and how you started it in the first place.

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